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Nardone the Company was founded at the beginning of the last century , when Federico Nardone had a small craft business in Dentecane , a village located in the green Irpinia .

Today , like many years ago , the factory is located in the same area , but in a new modern and efficient building ,with a real boutique where you can find many gift ideas .

The company is actually represented by its founder Master Nino , his wife and his daughter Ester and they manage the full organization of work by selecting the best products and the most attentive staff .

They firmly believe that to compete in the market , you need to focus on quality , so the main goal is to keep the old style with modern methods as the original recipe that was handed down for three generations , without  even losing sight to the new needs of the market by creating new products with innovative packaging .

The production cycle is complex and divided into several phases , but the secret of quality is definitely in the cooking of the product that requires 12 hours in a water bath because the excellence takes time and patience .

The major product of tradition is "Pannardone" and "Pannardini" , tasty variation of the classic nougat with almonds , stuffed with sponge cake soaked in liquor and coated with pure extra dark chocolate .

Nardone  has chosen to use pure chocolate only with cocoa butter and nothing else , because you can not compromise with the quality , as the most important value is not only respect for tradition but also the choice of the best ingredients. 

The wide range of products includes crunchy almonds hazelnuts and peanuts , in pieces or portions , where the simplicity of the ingredients with just sugar and dried fruit make them ideal for people of all ages . There are also chocolate eggs with crispy flakes , milk, cereal , and the very special and tasty chocolate eggs with whole hazelnuts covered in chocolate gianduja .

To prove that the company has an organizational system that ensures the health and quality of everything that is produced in our laboratory , the Nardone Srl holds by the far 2016 , the BRC/IFS certification for quality management .

Because this is essential to have a trace of ingredients we use to ensure an excellent product always.

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